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Locating the Nicest Custom Made Dress Shirts Throughout our Nation

The man who wears custom dress shirts is the one who’s well-dressed.
Because off-the-rack shirts are made for one standard and one body-type, they rarely fit anyone well. Instead, a custom shirt is made exactly to your measurements and specifications, meaning it fits well and looks great.
If you’re considering having one or a set of custom dress shirts made, keep reading for a breakdown and overview of some of the best tailors and companies in the United States.

Liste Rouge Paris Shirtmakers in New York
Liste Rouge Paris is based in Paris, France with their main workshop in Normandy. However they also have an office and workshop in New York. You can order your shirt either through their storefront or directly from their website (
When ordering remotely, you will need to take your own measurements or visit a tailor to have your measurements taken for you.
The tailor was recently voted “Best Tailor” by Shecky’s New York Guide and has been featured in GQ magazine, LifeStyle magazine, Wallpaper magazine, Trump, Esquire, Glamor and more.

Seattle’s Scott Kuhlman Boutique
Scott Kuhlman started his business with one shop in Seattle. Today, the company owns over 40 boutiques across the country, each one offering custom-made dress shirt service. Every visit is attended to by a master tailor who measures, fits you and walks you through a consultation to choose from hundreds of in-stock fabrics.
The cost? Approximately $225 per shirt, depending on the fabric.
Hamilton Custom Shirtmaker of Houston

Described by Men’s Vogue as “one of the most exacting shirtmakers in the world,” Hamilton is a respected tailoring company based out of Houston, Texas. The bulk of their business is online or mail order.
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