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Liquid Chalk Markers

Lightboxes are generally accepted as a really effective marketing medium. It is something about the mix of colour and light that brings the potential client’s eye and makes them more open to the image. Market research has revealed over and over again that lightboxes get results that were better than the marketing images do without the illumination.

Where to use lightboxes
The potential uses of LIGHT EMITTING DIODE lightboxes, or the traditional ones that are fluorescent, are never-ending:

Utilize them at point-of sale to advertise a product. Tavern sales of a particular drink at clubs are demonstrated to climb when a lightbox advert is exhibited near the tavern, helping clients to make their head up very often and more quickly in favour of the advertised manufacturer.
Utilize them in store windows to promote a new service or product. When clients are brought by a nicely constructed lightbox display in sales generally rise. One market-research project seen a 30% better conversion rate when lightboxes were employed to market a banking’s new product than when the poster was shown without the illumination.
Utilize them at a service counter to advise customers of the services that are available, assisting them to determine more quickly, accelerating the support and lessening queues.
Deciding on the best lightbox
So just just how do you decide which sort of lightbox will be best for the company? The initial choice is between LED and fluorescent lightboxes. While the old style fluorescent types are nevertheless available and work well, LED lightboxes have special benefits that make them well worth investing in:

They consume less electricity compared to old lightboxes, decreasing your carbon footprint and cutting your energy costs.
They last longer: 50,000 to 80,000 hrs as opposed to the 10,000 to 20,000 hrs of fluorescent kinds. that are This reduces the cost of replacing bulbs or tubes substantially to maintenance and cuts.
They illuminate quite fast to optimal brightness, without the flickering.
LED lightboxes may be significantly thinner in profile than lightboxes that are fluorescent, taking on less space and looking more elegant.
LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE lightboxes now come in all kinds of sizes and shapes and many different formats including custom dimensions, therefore it’s wise to get the suggestion of a signage product pro, who will be able to discover the correct lightbox for the exact demands: indoor or outdoor usage, single or double-sided and so forth. Once you have committed to certain sturdy, low-care LED lightboxes, you will have the ability to reap the benefits of this attractive and eye-catching marketing medium for a long time.

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